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Introducing you to our passion, the extraordinary
world of New Zealand’s apiculture
Tested by indendend laboratories to meet the
highest quality standards.
Products prepared with care to protect the
bioactive components within.
Manuka honey, one of the most valued honey
varieties in the world.

About Us

For more than 20 years, our company Food Link International Ltd, owner of the registered trademark BeesMagic®, is dealing with the most precious raw materials New Zealand has to offer. We have gained extensive knowledge about natural and health promoting foods, market access requirements and logistics. Our focus rests on uncovering the health promoting properties of each of the identified raw materials and making them available to the world. BeesMagic® honey originates from selected remote regions with a multitude of different sites. The largest site would cover over 8000 ha. The honey is harvested from thousands of beehives of which one third are located on certified organic land.


We literally go the extra mile to establish the locations where our honey is collected from. Our main focus lies on the remoteness to avoid unwanted contamination through human activity such as farming, traffic and industry, which is the prerequisite for a contaminant free end product. Also, we are looking to place the beehives in a number of different locations within one region to maximize on the range and variety. This enables us to react to different customer wishes and stipulations.

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We supply a wide range of biologically active bee products, notably Manuka Honey but also Kanuka Honey and other New Zealand gourmet honeys such as Pohutukawa, Rewarewa, Tawari and Beechwood Honey Dew (also called Forest Honey), and many others. To complement our honey products, we supply other apicultural raw-materials such as Propolis, Bee Venom, Royal Jelly and Beeswax.

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